We’ll be straight up. It doesn’t take a UX whizz to launch a clickable and user-friendly website. With the amount of templates and drag-and-drop builders out there, just about anyone can build a neat home page, add some pretty stock photos and have it published for the world-wide-web to see. But there are two sides to the web design equation. It’s one thing to achieve aesthetics and it’s another to make sure it’s working towards its main goal- sales, and lots of them. So if you’re in control of the back-end, keep scrolling to turn your casual window clickers into raving, repeat customers.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it…on your menu bar

Online shoppers are impulsive creatures. We know this because we’re suckers of that “Add to Cart” button ourselves. We want convenience at the lowest prices and we want it delivered yesterday. Design your header to show your customers what they want to see. Do you offer free shipping? Same day dispatch? Afterpay? Gift Cards? If so, then these need to be sitting pretty at the top of every single page.

Begin with the call-to-action in mind

Effective web design knows how to tell a good story. It takes shoppers through a problem-solution journey of identifying a desire, to presenting that thing that will fulfil their deepest materialistic concerns. Put a designer’s hat on and think in terms of hierarchy. The pages and flow of information should follow an order that sways the buyer to “Sign Up” and “Shop Now”.

Do less, covert more

Okay, we know we throw this word around a lot, but we can’t stress it enough. Stick to best practice and keep it simple. Keep your viewers happy with a clean page that uses legible fonts, evenly spaced margins and consistent colours. As an online shop, your site needs to communicate effectively to an audience, so stay away from dark backgrounds and overly artistic navigation styles. Do a clean up of anything that isn’t value-adding. You know you’re doing it right when nothing comes between your victim and the checkout page.

If your website clicks aren’t resulting in dollar signs, then talk to us. We are Holographic and we are visual thinkers who understand how customers think and how they like their coffee. Link us to your current website, or better yet, let us build one from scratch at hello@holographicdesign.com.au.