So you’re finally ready to launch that business idea that’s been lurking in the back of your mind for the last few years. After hours of research, feedback and pondering about whether the risks will be worth a hit, you reach a point where all the stars align and it’s time for the big launch. But there’s one thing missing. And without it, there’s no brand, nothing to communicate what your business stands for and nothing to recognise your product or services by. You guessed it, we’re talking about your logo. The universal avatar that tells the world who you are, who you’re for and how you position yourself in the market. Now that we’re on the same level with this crucial piece of the branding puzzle, here are some pointers for building an icon that’s usable, practical and pleasing to your customer’s eye.

Make it legible.

Rule number one. Use a typeface that’s easy to read. We’re all for being cursive, handwritten and even a little vintage, but don’t let that artsy flair steer you away from being clear and memorable. If you’re really set on that gothic or techno-like theme, use size and space to make each character easier on the eye.

Text-only vs icon logo: Which one am I?

Our clients often toss and turn about whether to stick to a text-only format or a solo symbol. There’s no right or wrong answer but there are pros and cons for both. Lettermarks and wordmarks (IKEA, Nivea) are straightforward, purely typographic and are a safe bet for new brands who are still starting out. On the flipside, brandmarks and emblems like the Nike tick and the face of Starbucks can have some serious impact. However, they tend to be more confusing for viewers who have no initial background about the products or services you provide. If you’re still torn between the two, there’s no reason why you can’t order your graphic designer to sketch up versions for both.

The road to minimal – why simple is here to stay

The concept of less-is-more is not just another Gen-Y fad. Observe the history of the most iconic brands in history – McDonalds, Nike, Apple, Pepsi…they’ve all gone through a journey of logo simplification. Why? Because cleaner logos are easier to spot and are more versatile than the latter.

When in doubt, just remember this: Your logo is going to have to work as a profile picture, on a car, across a billboard and on a rectangular label and if the design isn’t flexible and readable enough to tick all those boxes, then call Houston because we have a problem! Better yet, speak to us at and we’ll match your brand personality with an image that you’ll be proud to use in the long haul.