When Pantone announced 2018 would be the year that Ultra Violet would dominate the world of visual communication, we just had to tell our friends. Why? On the surface, we picture Prince’s greatest hits and Cadbury chocolate wrappers, but there’s more beyond the packaging…

Let’s start by breaking down the meaning of the colour violet. In design lingo, violet represents luxury, uniqueness, altruism and mystery. It’s forward-thinking, empowering and fuels the imagination. No wonder it gets a sign of approval from artists, creative thinkers and brands who think alike. Purples and violets instil comfort, awareness and an openness to individuals of all shapes and sizes. That’s a big tick for yoga and meditation studios, as well as retreats.

As seen on Hallmark and Yahoo, violet flaunts innovation and wit. Meanwhile, the Starlight Foundation set the tone to illustrate compassion and a vision for a brighter tomorrow. Curves and Contours also wear a stamp of purple because they’re niche, ladies-only fitness franchises – and proud of it.

While we’re all about experimenting with new concepts, a little colour theory never hurt anybody. Work Ultra Violet with gold to ooze wealth and extravagance. To achieve a more welcoming touch, match it against off-white or cream. A hint of charcoal adds balance and depth into the scene, while going all-out with pinks will make your viewers feel young again. For the braver ones, certain greens can look pretty neat when they’re paired right.

Our advice: Use the blue-based purple in your business to inspire and tell the world that you’re not afraid to bend the rules. Just try not to overdo it, though – it’s enough to make a statement on its own.