You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and for most of your customers, a simple Google search could be that make-or-break moment. If images are taking too long to load and navigating your way around feels like a game in a Saw movie, then take that as a hint that it’s time for an update. Follow this checklist if you want to achieve a clickable and browsable site…

1. Make it mobile-friendly

Fact: Websites get more traffic from smartphones and tablets than they do on desktop computers. It sounds like common sense but it’s surprising to see how many businesses don’t bother to check what they look like on their hand-held devices. After all, when was the last time you viewed your site from your phone?

2. Avoid Flash and large files

There’s nothing more off-putting than opening a page, only to find broken links and content that won’t load. Sometimes this means taking down that super high def video off your landing page or scrapping the visual effects, but truth is, not everyone has super fast WiFi or the latest software updates. So don’t risk it…choose functionality over aesthetic if you want your viewers to be back.

3. Searchable is sexy

Put yourself in the position of a new visitor and ask yourself – is it clear and easy to find what I’m looking for? If it takes too many clicks and dropdown menus to find pricing and services then don’t be surprised if your clients get friendly with your competitors.

4. Win ‘em over with simplicity

The great thing about effective and aesthetically pleasing web design is that it doesn’t have to complicated. Ditch all the things that don’t directly add value to your site – this includes unnecessary links and information that customers don’t need to know until they’re in the next phase of the buying process.

5. Keep it consistent

Creating a strong brand is all about continuity. Make your identity stick by ensuring that image quality, fonts and colours are in harmony from your home page to your contact form. For extra brownie points, go that extra mile and do the same for the language and tone in your copy.